Non-metallic shoes head and metal head than the difference in where?

by:BEF     2020-07-10
Foot is the most force of our body place, excellent soles or cloth will wear it is easy to hurt, besides brings a sense of fingers pain reduction, also has certain daily travel not convenient. In order to better protect their feet, we usually buy shoes, will go to buy non-metal toe shoes, make the foot more comfortable. Currently on the market for a wide range of non-metallic toe, metal toe in recent head start gradually outcrop feet, let a person have no choice, what would be a good class? Below is the small make up to introduce to you some of the difference! Strong surplus shoes materials, for example, first nonmetal shoes head can be divided into three types, respectively is nano shoes head, plastic shoes head and glass fiber, the top of the shoe is the latest nano technology manufacturing, compared to the plastic shoes head and glass fiber, it more environmentally friendly and biodegradable material, the weight is lighter, a weight only 80 grams, be able to enjoy good give light to the foot, walking up to a more comfortable, the use of plastic shoes head is also very lightweight, are a product of the utilization rate is very high. Glass fiber shoes head relative to the previous two paragraphs, it detects stability, using a wide range, is also the ideal choice for many consumers. Metal head is the current mainstream use steel toe shoes, there are more than one hundred kinds of type, can be in today's market needs, has hit a rust prevention, and other functions, mainly used in the safety shoes and labor insurance shoes. For the difference of nonmetal shoes head and metal head, you know?
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