Nike sneakers to wear for three days the sole come unglued

by:BEF     2020-07-09

Mr Wu to the mayor's hotline: 12345 on August 15, I at old yuhang south canal street north road no. 8 Nike store bought a pair of Nike sneakers, on the third day I come unglued cracking was found. I ask the store to return, but they said can't change.

Mr Wu on August 15th at old yuhang south canal street north road no. 8 Nike store bought a pair of Nike sneakers, model number is 318333 - 402, the original price 499 yuan 9 discount now. Mr Wu said, the first day when wearing feel a little pinch, and shoes are a bit hard to wear very uncomfortable, go to the store, the clerk said the new shoes are like this. The next day side wear was found at the bottom of the shoes have a bit degumming, go to the store once again reflect the clerk said this is normal phenomenon. The third day, Mr Wu found degumming place more and more obvious, and the third to reflect in the store, the clerk's answer is: this is normal phenomenon.

'bought new shoes for three days there is the phenomenon of degumming, I think it's the shoes itself quality is bad, but Nike store would not return to me, they said can't change. 'Mr Wu said, after the clerk also says can take to fix, but shoes need a month's time, this just to buy the shoes but can't wear, I don't feel comfortable. 'I had been on baidu net, net say degumming can change, but why the shoes come unglued they don't give I change? '

then reporter contacted the Nike store, an employee explained:' Mr Wu's time to buy this pair of shoes, we have and he said he might be a little crack. But Nike sneakers are like that, because the edge of the soles have environmental protection paint, sometimes dirty looks like degumming, and shoes are scalability, walk will wrinkle. '

the staff said, as Mr Wu this pair of shoes is in accordance with common sense does not belong to quality problems, so can't give return. But according to the requirements of the warranty card, do not affect the secondary sales can be unconditional return, now he passed through the can back to the original factory, but according to the program to a month to get back. If Mr Wu insists that the shoes have quality problems, can go to the bureau of technical supervision appraisal, appraisal result if it is quality problem, they can be unconditional return immediately, if there is no proof said shoes are quality problem, they will not be accepted.

in the end, Mr Wu, although the in the mind is not to accept the new buy shoes three days before they come unglued, but think to do identify some really trouble, since the store refused to return his also disappear. The plane check soles

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