Nike released a new shock technology! The Nike Joyride TPE foam

by:BEF     2020-07-10
Recently the dominant sports brand Nike again big, officially released the research and development of new cushioning technology Nike Joyride. The characteristics of Nike Joyride is placed in the bottom part TPE particles, each particle's position is after precision research. TPE particles in the soles parts will be separated from different areas, different parts of the foot will place a different number of particles of TPE, the TPE particles in contact with the ground to the movement of the free extending in all directions, Nike called & other; Multiple spatial displacement ( 多 维位移) ” 。 Everyone in the process of wearing, can according to the personal habits of walking, running, access to the most suitable in the foot feels. The new shoes Nike Joyride Run fk1 - FK is going to be the first a pair of running shoes, that carry Joyride technology Flyknit knitting vamp with Joyride, fun and have a strong sense of science and technology on modelling. This week's first to provide designated member first to buy, has been sold out, are you in? Large-scale debut on August 1, sale price at RMB 1399 RMB and the follow-up will also bring a variety of color choices. At the same time with the shock of the Joyride NSW series as well as the children of Nike Joyride Kids Noa will debut on August 15, also will come on September 22, Matthew Williams joint model of color matching. We will continue and bring in the first time tracking report! ▼耐克兜风新南威尔士州Setter
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