Low temperature environment, what kind of safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-08
Operation in low temperature environment, the main purpose of the safety shoes is used to protect your feet from frostbite, ensure the safety of the user's feet and comfortable. Work in low temperature environment, therefore, to use the warm safety shoes. And in addition to do the necessary labor protection, also pay attention to the temperature of the occupational health protection. Such as cold storage winter outdoor construction belongs to low temperature environment operation, in these industries operating staff, all pay special attention to prepare related anti-freezing heat preservation measures. Because the body core temperature below 35 ℃ in low temperature environment, namely in the supercooled state, will produce certain harm to human body health. If working environment temperature is lower than 45 below zero. 6 ℃, want to use leather uppers warm safety shoes, or warm marin ugg boots; If working environment temperature is lower than 59 ℃ below zero, can choose rubber shoe double warm thickening long-staple cotton marin boots. When people work in a cold environment, workers must wear good clothes, gloves, warm warm variety, such as safety shoes. Protective clothing to avoid damp, hands and feet can't tie too tight, lest affect local blood circulation. In addition, low temperature, cold storage homework personnel in daily life, also should pay attention to enhance the ability to adapt to cold or low temperature, suitable for cold resistant exercise, such as cold water to wash the eyelid, wash hands, wash feet. But such cold-resistant exercise, must vary from person to person, owing to the different seasons, the temperature changes, also should pay attention to methods step by step.
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