Life above all else, recognize the importance of labor protection supplies

by:BEF     2020-12-01
Life for everyone only once, we must attach importance to the importance of safety at work, completes the adequate safety and labor protection, reduce or even eliminate dangerous accidents, because of the danger in the event of some cost for us is bitter, but if do preventive measures in advance, perhaps can really save a life, save the loss of a family. Dangerous accidents related to safety protection of events around the workers engaged in labor operations, such as a unit has been such a thing, at the beginning of 2007 have a careless when team members work in a card on the shoes in the operation of chain and within the Angle brackets front-end, thanks to the timely discovery after an emergency stop line pulled foot stuck in time, almost tragic outcome. Section after know this very seriously, after knowing things after careful analysis, the summary, the reason is that in old factory before painting indoor use is the anti-static cloth with rubber soles for labor insurance shoes, then to chain is running in the underground steel tank, touch less than the feet at work. And now the new factory with steel spray room to chain is exposed, the labor insurance shoes when working in the spray is easy to card in the cracks of steel bracket and the bracket front-end, cause safety accidents. No longer has a similar injury, so in order to ensure that all plant configuration for each work in painting indoor staff the new labor insurance shoes - a pair of strip head - - - - - That is, multi-function safety shoes. After the event, in the section on the general assembly to let the person accident happened and their inner feelings later relate to everyone, to education. So everyone don't inspects the importance of labor insurance supplies, should be used correctly wear labor insurance supplies, starts from oneself, improve safety awareness and found around to find safe hidden trouble.
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