Laboratory staff is the need to wear labor insurance shoes of the type of work

by:BEF     2020-11-27
Can have the existence of various chemical laboratory, which is the material lab staff daily contact with the most, and these substances is one of the most common acid alkali, so to do a good job in labor protection, they often wear resistant to acid and alkali functional safety shoes. Involved in danger or the use of equipment in the chemical reactions used in the analysis of samples can release all kinds of poisonous gas, liquid and solid results in acute poisoning. In the job in flammable materials | ( Solid, liquid and gas |) Or uncontrolled exothermic reaction, flames, hot surfaces or explosive release and liquid and heat causes burns. Exposure to corrosive, irritating, asphyxia, irritability, radioactive and other chemicals. Exposure to the carcinogenic and mutagenic and teratogenic substances. Exposure can lead to different reactions of chemicals: respiratory allergies, asthma, eye irritation or rash. Daily work during the posture | ( Prolonged standing or sitting position uncomfortable |) Cause musculoskeletal disorder. Precautions to wear safety shoes with non-slip soles, prevent slippery effect of ground make it when necessary. When handling or use of dangerous chemicals, obey the rules of the chemical safety, read the material safety data sheet, to consult a security supervisor for a particular chemical. In the upper portion of the vacuum glass containers and cycle installation suitable protective layer to prevent blasting. Wear chemical corrosion proof gloves, overalls, acid and alkali resistant safety shoes, facial protection glasses and eye protection. Take appropriate eye protection measures, consulting the security supervisor or supplier. According to the factory safety supervisors, obey the rules of the radiation safety, if need to consult the safety supervisor. Operation in dangerous chemicals, biological materials and experimental animals, comply with the appropriate safety rules, special circumstances consulting safety supervisor. When transporting moving heavy objects, wear resistant function of safety shoes, the use of safe lifting and mobile devices, using lifting auxiliary machinery handling. In conclusion, in order to ensure the operation safety, the operator of the chemistry lab, different specific requirements for different type of work, they wear labor protection articles according to the specific situations, can effective protection when doing the experiment in safety, reduce the occurrence of unexpected circumstances.
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