Labor safety shoes product routine comparison method

by:BEF     2020-12-07
Now in the market of labor safety shoes production enterprise is more, or more varieties, and the quality has very big difference. How to correctly select and identify quality safety shoes manufacturer, here small make up to introduce the two products to compare routine method: one for the finished shoes sectional anatomy, appearance process, after comparing the safety shoes and longitudinal cut surface, can be observed clearly after the cut to help section plane section, the section of accessorial material, and the soles, steel head, the internal structure of steel plate and shoes and internal process, here it is worth mentioning that the density of single density soles section is the same, according to the comparison with the hand hard; Dual density soles, cross section can be observed clearly from top to bottom layer 2 its density, low density of the upper and lower density is high, according to the elastic is very good with the hand; If the soles for double color molding, but the same cross section density, also falls into the category of single density. 2. Try it on, try to compare safety shoes comfort, through the line, squatting, kick, stomp feel the comfort of the shoe. Safety shoes is to provide the people working security tools, related to the operation of individual, group life. So choose a pair of suitable formal safety shoes products are worthy of our attention.
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