Labor safety shoes colours do you understand?

by:BEF     2020-11-29
You ever pay attention to their wear labor safety shoes is what color? Presence of colour collocation? In our impression labor safety shoes are black and gray system, give a person the sense with the steadfast steady, and it is easy to imagine that the Chinese shoes ruggedly bulky. But now with the improvement of people's aesthetic ability and appreciate the change of the level, more and more people for labor safety shoes fashion design, color collocation is put forward a more diversified demand, so if a safety shoes wear comfortable, fashionable joker, colorful, so it will be more by consumer like. Want to know the colour collocation of the safety shoes, we it is necessary to first understand the knowledge of color science. Colour can be divided into two categories, no color and color is better. Have a lot of difference between light and shade and color, without color, Such as: black, white, grey) No color is, generally called; If according to the different wavelengths of visible light, have ( Red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple) Such as color, this is called color. In addition, if according to the colour of nature to distinguish between changes in temperature, can be divided into the cool color series, the warm color series, cold series ( Such as: blue, green, etc. ) ; Warm color series, Such as: red, orange, yellow, etc. ) 。 If according to the color of nature to distinguish luster color and matt colour. Colour is the first impression of sensory, light and bright colors have advance and expand feeling, feeling of dark and gloomy color have back feeling and contractive feeling. Properly using the color of two kinds of impressions, not only can amend, hide, and can highlight your advantages. Set five colours, black and Luo Qi, gold silver, in fact, the effect is not good. Work beautiful not beautiful, is not in the price, is the key to deserve to act the role of decent, suitable for age, identity, season and environment of customs and habits, more important is the whole body color consistency, obtain harmonious whole effect. ” The color is not much, harmony is beauty & quot; , accurate color matching method, should be to choose the color of one or two series, to give priority to tone, occupy large area of work, a small amount of other colours is complementary, in contrast, foil in order to obtain various parts or used to adorn adornment effect of unity of harmony. The collocation of color science knowledge, then contrast the colour collocation of the labor safety shoes is simpler, when we in the overall image match, need to pay attention to tonal harmony, as well as labor safety shoes wear suitable application scenarios, and their own factors such as age, identity, personal preference. When you are considering, you will find that in fact you have many choices, labor safety shoes quality is no longer limited to black and white and gray tone, the original labor safety shoes can also wear a fashionable rocks!
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