Labor protection articles there are ways of choose and buy

by:BEF     2020-12-14
Labor protection articles means to protect workers in the prevention of occupational hazards in the working process of the influence on personal safety, effectively protecting laborers' health, common protection articles include working clothes, safety shoes, Labor insurance shoes) , protective gloves, etc. For enterprises or individuals the right to choose the safety protective equipment, the first thing you need to complete at the work sites and hazard identification, then determine the safety protective equipment types, finally choose qualified protective equipment manufacturers. Before selecting individual protective equipment, need to work sites of major hazard for qualitative and quantitative analysis, understand the nature of the hazard, the strength of the harmful factors, and determine the acceptable level of harm, to determine the performance of individual protective equipment and requirements. In workplaces to identify occupational hazard factors, on the basis of hazard identification, should according to the harm of this unit the work place and damage, a production and business operation entities shall, in accordance with the relevant standards, select individual protective equipment, determine the different job categories need to be equipped with individual protective equipment type. In determining the type of individual protective equipment needs, you need to further select protective equipment manufacturer or brand. At present, our country shall practise a system of production license of special labor protection articles are: filter type gas mask, welding masks, goggles, dust masks, flame retardant protective clothing, 19 species chemical protective clothing, safety shoes, etc. Should be paid attention to when the choose and buy and choose three certificates complete protective equipment manufacturer production, the corresponding & other; Three certificates & throughout; , that is, production license number, product certification and safety JianDingZheng; The special labor protection articles of fixed-point business units must provide special labor protection supplies fixed-point operation certificate; The safety license system is adopted imported special labor protection articles. Protective equipment is the enterprise employees in the umbrella and the relief valve in the process of production. And protective equipment management work is an important work for protecting personal safety and health of workers and staff enterprise, is an important part of safe production management, purchase of labor protection articles correctly as one of the most important link, must be locked well. Choose labor manufacturers must to the professional manufacturer of labor protection, such as hebi co. , LTD. , professional focus on production and labor protection supplies safety shoes!
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