Labor protection articles such as Chinese shoes use needs to strengthen management

by:BEF     2020-11-29
To improve safety awareness, first of all should be started to grab business leaders. Only business leaders with the security responsibility consciousness, to guarantee enterprise special labor protection funds and the related safety management system implementation. Staff's support and attention is to determine whether occupational safety and health management work of the important factors, employee safety experience is valuable resources security work. Only to establish a people-oriented concept, keep crisis consciousness, the prophet, first to be effective to avoid accidents. Specific to the broad masses of labor protection articles using the enterprise should strengthen the following four aspects of management. 1. Strengthen labor protection skills training enterprise leadership by studying relevant laws and regulations, safety management knowledge training, establish the security responsibility consciousness, grasp the advanced safety management methods. Professional personnel training through dangerous point search of safety management training, clear enterprise key prevention targets. Through the labor protection articles use knowledge training for enterprise employees, the right to choose, keep the skills of labor protection articles. 2. To establish and perfect the system of labor protection articles management labor protection articles shall be based on principles of effective management system, achieve perfect content, goals, clear, clear responsibilities, assessment of daily tracking in place. Ensure that problems arise, can provide written evidence of each part. 3. Establish safe working standard operating procedure is a systematic project, which link broken may result in accidents. Workers wear labor protection articles in the homework is important, but to establish a standard operating procedure, strictly operate according to operating procedures and more important. Such as: high job transfer tools with the following personnel should use rope, shall not be thrown, homework personnel at work wearing hit preventing puncture resistant special Labour protection shoes. 4. Repair temporary assignments, such as strengthening the safety management in temporary working time is short, a strange environment, often prone to accidents. Enterprise should be organized before the homework workers to identify all the possible risk factors, risk factors for good wear labor protection articles before operation. Avoid by all means without labor protection or without proper protective adventure homework. Safety protection no small matter, wear labor protection articles correctly, even if only a pair of labor insurance shoes, it can also reduce some of the damage of labor, to ensure your personal safety.
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