Labor protection appliances manufacturing industry

by:BEF     2020-11-24
With the rapid development of science and technology, electronics industry production increasingly miniaturization of electronic products, multi-functional and intelligent, and semiconductor devices, high density, high gain is sensitive to electrostatic discharge more and more MOS circuit breakdown is 100 V, only the new device is only about 30 V. In such an environment, for electrical appliance factory, strict control of static electricity is a must, so for homework workers working in the factory, they must wear antistatic safety shoes, according to the requirement to avoid static electricity has a harmful effect on electrical products. And for the workers who work in complex job-shop, they also need to wear a multi-function safety protection anti-static prevent hit targeted safety shoes. Production of intelligent electrical appliances manufacturing plants to electrostatic requirements are very high, electrostatic devastating, in the process of production of electronic components, or in the electronic product installation, commissioning and inspection process, such as not to eliminate static electricity, will influence the production or reduce the quality of the product. Semiconductor devices and circuits production industry, in particular, due to electrostatic discharge will cause device failure. So the operator must wear anti-static safety shoes for safe operation. Anti-static safety shoes is to use anti-static and conductive soles, ask in inflammable and explosive work environment and clean dust-free sterile workshop in order to reduce and eliminate electrostatic hazard and wearing safety shoes. Electrical components of plank in the cutting workshop will have some leftover material scattered on the ground, the workers need to wear puncture resistant safety shoes for foot protection, if accidentally stepped on equipment with a sharp edges may be pierced the soles, cause unnecessary damage. And hit resistant safety shoes is installed on the top of the shoe have resistance to impact in baotou, baotou placed within shoes and shoes, and put a sponge, baotou pads at the end of article, can smooth in baotou and the integration of a shoe, can increase the folding resistance and comfort. Need some welding machine operation for the electrical panel, because the operators to cut in high temperature and high pressure welding or melt, with protection of the eyepiece at the same time, the operator still need to wear safety shoes with high temperature resistance functions, in order to prevent the spark splash hurt the feet hurt. Because of high temperature resistant safety shoes is to use high temperature resistant soles and the vamp, to protect their feet in the high temperature working environment such as molten metal spark and high temperature burned and safety shoes from harm. In modern electric appliance manufacturing industry, electrostatic about the damage to continue to the world of electric and electronic manufacturing industry to bring the cost of billions of dollars each year, only we fully recognize the electrostatic, to avoid the losses, and even can use its service for us. Static electricity is everywhere, thus puts forward higher requirements on electrical appliance manufacturing. Electrical itself comes with static electricity can be eliminated by professional technology, for the electrostatic and production delivery can be eliminated through the anti-static equipment to reduce the harm. For the static electricity in the process of production, we can let workers wearing anti-static operation safety shoes to reduce the harm, and anti-static clothing, in addition to some complex in the electronics industry to produce workshop, we require the workers wear resistant to hit and puncture-proof safety shoes also is a kind of safety protection, even for some workers with higher technical requirements, they also wore a multi-function safety protection esd prevention at the high temperature resistant safety shoes.
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