Labor insurance supplies we need to change regularly?

by:BEF     2020-12-15
Don't know if you noticed their colleagues at your side? Many people work clothes to wear for a long time also didn't change, some clothes or even damaged, also not willing to change. But do you know? Is closely related with enterprise production safety and their employees health on the use of labor protection articles cannot be frugal, we want to change regularly labor insurance supplies, such as safety shoes, safety helmet, overalls. The place of oil and gas production is the key area for fire and explosion prevention. Related to the use of labor protection articles have very strict requirements and regulations. The following case electrostatic safety shoes as an example. Antistatic safety shoes should possess antistatic and flame retardant properties, once appear, breakage, stitches, conductive fiber break off or has reached the anti-static grade washing time, should be timely replacement. This and drug over the shelf life can no longer use is the same reason. Therefore, wear antistatic safety shoes is not once and for all. If not properly dressed or wear do not conform to the safe production regulations, anti-static protection of safety shoes not only don't, will be buried under the safe hidden trouble. In addition, in recent years, the petroleum and petrochemical enterprises attach great importance to the HSE work, investing in employees' labor protection. Most companies have been able to do the uniform two a year, to adapt to the demand for labor protection clothing in the spring and autumn season. Ought to say, it also can meet the needs of employees of labor protection clothing. Therefore, the enterprise in the process of conducting safety education, should take proper use of labor protection supplies as one of the key content, employees need to know is not the correct use of labor protection articles may cause harm. At the same time, the enterprise shall be the supervision and administration issue and use labor protection articles. Enterprises not only to do a good job in labor protection supplies distribution and use of labor protection supplies and update the supervision and administration work.
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