Labor insurance supplies is to protect the laborer security without equipment

by:BEF     2020-12-14
In real production work, and we have some homework personnel for the convenience of portable, don't wear labor insurance supplies in accordance with the relevant provisions in the job, mount guard when wearing the working clothes, and even wear sandals, slippers, bare arms, don't wear safety shoes to wear a helmet or not lace, these habits become accustomed to, will be a potential safety hazard. This must be carried out resolutely radical correction, to eliminate hidden dangers. China's relevant laws and regulations, and other Practitioners in the process of operation, should strictly abide by the rules and regulations for safety production of the unit and operating procedures, regulatory compliance, correctly wear and use labor supplies throughout the &; 。 Wear labor insurance supplies, according to the specification is also essential for every worker before mount guard and prerequisite. For example, wear a good helmet, wear good clothes and labor insurance shoes, fasten shoelaces, fasten your seat belt, wear goggles, welding gloves, etc. The enterprise security system, the important rules. As you know, not wearing a helmet is easy shot in the head by falling objects, lose security protection; Don't wear labor insurance shoes be on the ground or the residual steel high temperature scald spikes, and crushing; A special type of work do not wear insulated shoes easy to get an electric shock accidents. This fully demonstrates the role of labor insurance supplies with strong defensive injuries. Its right to wear it or not, or wear and not wear, the result has obvious different. Not correct to wear don't protection; Not according to specification, dressing in personal safety cannot be guaranteed. In production, some people because of the labor insurance supplies wear is not complete or incorrect and the damage caused by some consequences are very serious. But more and more people because of the labor insurance supplies fully clothed and avoid the inductrial injury accident. Practice has proved that we must never underestimate the role of labor insurance supplies, underestimate its ability of security protection. In production work, therefore, we have a need in accordance with the relevant provisions in the homework correctly wear labor protection articles, pay attention to the importance of labor protection articles, according to their own career choice suits own a pair of safety shoes, responsible for his own body, effective use of labor protection articles, thereby reducing unnecessary labor injury at work.
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