Labor insurance supplies including what?

by:BEF     2020-12-03
Labor insurance supplies full name: the labor protection articles, is refers to the protection of laborer in the necessary safety and health in the process of production of a defensive equipment and to reduce occupational hazards plays a quite important role. Labor protection articles according to the protective area is divided into nine categories: ( 1) A safety helmet. Is used to protect the head, the brace, extrusion damage gear. Mainly include plastic, rubber, glass, tape, protective and bamboo rattan helmet. ( 2) Respiratory protective devices. Pneumoconiosis and occupational disease prevention is important to protect the product. Three classes of dustproof, antivirus, support according to the use, according to the principle divided into two categories, filter type, isolation type. ( 3) The eye protective equipment. To protect the workers in the eyes, face, to prevent foreign damage. Divided into welding with eye protective equipment, furnaces with protective eye gear, strike the eye protective devices, microwave, laser protective goggles and prevent the eye such as X-ray, chemical, dust prevention guards. ( 4) Hearing protection. In the 90 db (for a long time A) Above or short in 115 db ( A) Working hearing protection should be used when the environment. Xin LiHu with earplugs, earmuffs and three types of hat. ( 5) Protective shoes. To protect the foot from harm. At present main products are resistant to hit safety shoes, insulated shoes, anti-static shoes oil, acid and alkali endurable protective boots, safety shoes, non-slip labor insurance shoes, etc. ( 6) Protective gloves. Used for hand protection, basically have resistance to acid and alkali gloves, electrical insulation in the set of gloves, welding gloves, prevent X ray, asbestos gloves, etc. ( 7) protective suit Used to protect a worker from the harmful effects of the physical and chemical factors in working environment. Protective clothing divided into two categories, special protective clothing and general operation. ( 8) Prevent falls. Used to prevent falling accidents. Mainly include seat belts, safety rope and safety net. ( 9) Skin care products. For the protection of the exposed skin. Divided into creme and detergent.
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