Labor insurance supplies have?

by:BEF     2020-12-05
Labor insurance supplies, just as its name implies is the protection of laborers to do with the goods. Labor protection articles in general can be divided into two kinds: the special labor protection articles and general labor protection articles. Below small make up to sort out the part of the special labor protection supplies as follows, a, headgear: safety helmet: mainly divided into mining safety helmet, protective helmets, general safety helmet ( Helmet helmets, helmet airtight security, W, H a helmet helmet, v-shaped helmet, v-shaped breathable helmet, single steel helmet, three steel helmet, eaves helmets, helmets, David baseball cap type helmet, etc. ) According to the material can be divided into: glass fiber reinforced plastic helmet, polycarbonate plastic safety helmet, ABS plastic safety helmet, ultra-high molecular polyethylene plastic safety helmet, modified polypropylene plastic safety helmet, tape miners safety helmet, plastic miners safety helmet, protective helmets, paper plastic safety helmet, bamboo weaving, other weaving a helmet safety helmet. Second, respiratory protective devices: dust mask, filter type gas mask, self-contained air breathing apparatus, long tube three mask, eye ( Side) Gear surface protective equipment into class welding eye gear, protective clothing, four flame retardant protective clothing, acid-proof overalls, anti-static overalls, protective footwear toes safety shoes, anti-static shoes, conductive shoes, safety boots, rubber surface down puncture proof footwear, electric insulation, acid and alkali resistant shoes shoes, acid and alkali resistant rubber boots, boots, acid and alkali resistant plastic moulding six, prevent fall protection class seat belt safety net, the dense mesh type safety set net general protection articles mainly include: cotton gloves, canvas gloves, towel, cotton yarn, cloth for wiping, masks, dust cap, ordinary work clothes, ordinary labor insurance shoes, ear plugs, socks, wading boots, raincoat, adhesive tape, etc.
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