Labor insurance shoes with rubber soles labor insurance shoes PU at the end of the difference

by:BEF     2020-12-04
At the time of labor insurance shoes just coming into the market a lot of people like to wear shoes with rubber soles labor insurance, now more and more people like PU bottom labor insurance shoes, lightweight and comfortable, many people want to know what is good and PU rubber soles labor insurance shoes bottom labor insurance shoes? Actually every shoes have their own advantages and characteristics, detailed said let's labor insurance shoes with rubber soles under labor insurance shoes PU at the end of the difference. Rubber soles is a traditional Chinese shoes soles. In strong acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, oil resistant to strong performance compared with the bottom of the PU is excellent, rubber non-slip performance is very good also, manual does online technology can solve the glue troubles, at the same time with 300 ℃ high temperature protection, especially the native rubber have absolute advantages, the acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, high temperature resistant protective function is very prominent, but at the same time, it is relatively heavy. PU bottom labor insurance shoes is a new type of material, also known as polyurethane, light easy to shape. Safety shoes made of this material is portable, non-slip, shock absorption effect, good plasticity and comfort, but high temperature resistant, strong resistance to oil, the effect of the strong acid and alkali resistance than weak labor insurance shoes, rubber soles, used to do in the bottom of the sole or is a pretty good choice. PU easy hydrolysis is at the bottom of the European and American countries by comparison of the environmental protection material, but also has a lot of people misinterpreted the mistake will be easy to hydrolysis of PU for PU bottom is easy to decompose under the influence of water, in fact the end of the PU also relatively easy to hydrolysis, if easy to decompose under the influence of water will not use as the soles material, relative to the bottom of the rubber soles, PU yi hydrolysis is joint in Europe and the us environmental protection, the hydrolysis is a long process, used as a soles is without any problems.
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