Labor insurance shoes wholesale leather quality judgment skills

by:BEF     2020-11-29
For labor insurance shoes wholesale customers, they when purchasing labor insurance shoes, will certainly to judge appearance, labor insurance shoes material choose and purchase suitable to their needs of labor insurance shoes, but most people is not specialized research to labor insurance shoes material, for how can they judge from appearance to material? Small make up to say next labor insurance shoes leather under the good or bad judgment skills: a. Labor insurance shoes leather is commonly: natural leather is leather, there is a pore, generally harder to see with the eye, the thumb on the leather are available, and to see if there are any more fine beside the thumb prints lines. Have fine lines, fine lines disappear after let go of the hand, the leather surface plump resilient for better natural leather, with deep wrinkles is natural skin cortex is poorer. Without the tiny grain, for the most part is not a natural leather, including shaving the paster on the second floor, leather. two Another remarkable characteristic, natural leather is flawed on leather. General natural leather uppers, in the inside of the shoes and other inconspicuous place, there are a few minor flaws, such as the dermatoglyph uneven thickness, bright malignant, lice malignant, and so on. Cross section of a natural leather, with different density of three layers: the epidermis layer of very fine flexible, there is the density of the dermis, here is a relatively loose meat surface fiber layer, and no obvious boundary between layer and layer. 3. After the selected labor insurance shoes design and color, first check whether the labor insurance shoes material is real, is required. Want to distinguish real leather or fake leather, cowhide, pigskin, sheepskin, or other leather. Leather surface is smooth, fine particles and high intensity; Pig skin surface pore bigger, more rough, appearance is better than cow leather; Skin surface is fine, soft texture. Real leather hand feels acerbity feeling, artificial leather is smooth. Real leather Labour protection layer in the upper section has a fixed layer of epidermis and leather fiber, artificial leather, not only cloth or leather fibre composite material, and the smells of chemical raw materials. High quality qualified labor insurance shoes leather should be fine, bright, with double color should be consistent with the part, no color, no disability. Finger presses face not loose surface, coating layer off no crack; Labor insurance shoes materials should also be natural leather, and it is best to sheep leather. Labor insurance shoes material require soft soft, uniform thickness, not easy to fall off and rub off. Four. Shoes, shoe is extend in order to prevent deformation and improve the feet feel and use of reinforcing materials. For shoe material has delicate touch, breathable, and excellent hygroscopic platoon is wet, not off color, etc. In high-grade leather shoes, adopt natural leather and cotton production. If the shoe is a natural leather, shoe is the alternative artificial leather, can be cheap shoes. Most consumers ignore the selection and identification of shoe materials, this is wrong. Learned judge labor insurance shoes leather material, and then go shopping when selecting high-quality labor insurance shoes is much more easy, so we can make conscious to normal use these judgment skills, high performance/price ratio, and help us to choose and buy to labor insurance products.
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