Labor insurance shoes what the price is reasonable?

by:BEF     2020-12-01
Labor insurance shoes price is according to the production of labor insurance shoes materials, related to and function also is associated with the brand awareness of Chinese shoes. So what labor insurance shoes price is reasonable? First is to understand the material used to make Labour protection shoes. Main materials on the upper and soles, labor insurance shoes upper material used different to a great extent, determines the price of labor insurance shoes. Such as: the upper is leather or PU leather, or other materials, are imported or domestic cowhide leather, cowhide thickness, what is cow leather, is cattle which piece of leather and so on. material basically see what kind of material is used, currently on the market more with the bottom of the bottom of the rubber soles, PU, TPU, etc. Different workplace require use of labor insurance shoes have different functions, so the labor insurance shoes from the function is divided into: protect the toes labor insurance shoes, extra labor insurance shoes, electrical insulating labor insurance shoes, anti-static labor insurance shoes, acidproof alkali labor insurance shoes, etc. Labor insurance shoes belong to personal protective equipment, mainly for homework personnel's foot protection, high technology content and high added value. Labor insurance shoes work process are very important, have the good upper and soles material, without a good manufacturing process, to come out of the production of labor insurance shoes will be bad to use, not durable. Labor insurance shoes production of raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemical materials, mechanical equipment, such as demand is very high, so different material, different labor insurance shoes performance, work process and determines the price of labor insurance shoes brand is different; The same style different brand price may also have larger difference also lies in the cause of this. Buy anything, including labor insurance shoes is should follow the principle is: according to the use of the environment and protection needs to choose cost-effective, suitable for use in their homework when wear labor insurance shoes. Don't buy expensive, important is good, suitable to buy.
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