Labor insurance shoes to escort your feet safe

by:BEF     2020-11-29
Slip and fall is a major cause of inductrial injury accident, about 17% of the disability is caused, the total number of accidents each year up to 180000 cases, at the same time, the second factor of causing death or work site, about 13%, the total number of accidents, 1037 cases a year. Therefore, we should give enough attention. 1, the wearing safety shoes boots range in general, in the following environment workers must wear safety shoe: environment may be due to the falling and rolling objects to Pierce the foot motherboard, or in electromagnetic exposure; Carry some may drop weight ( Such as baggage, heavy tools, etc. ) You must wear with impact protection can work safety shoes or boots. Work may encounter some sharp objects, such as nails, screws, used for scraping the cymbal sharp metal ring, etc. On the ground in a work environment is often there will be some easy rolling weight ( May be from the top of rolled) , it is required to wear the shoe; use the compression For the electricity workers this special profession, must adopt special types of conductive insulated shoes or boots. 2, the classification of the foot injury at work, the foot of the damage can be summarized as the following types: impact - heavy or sharp objects, on arrival may lead to a foot injury or punctured, with the rigid objects collide, the feet may fracture. Slip - in the chemical and oil, water or exist walked the floor of the imbalance may lead to the human body, can take the following measures to this problem: keep the floor dry, after oil, chemicals, etc after cleaning the floor; Mat is placed on the floor, to improve comfort and reduce risk; Improve concentration; Wear with antiskid safety shoes boots. This, of course, one of the most important is to wear with antiskid safety shoes boots. Experts estimate that only wear non-slip shoes boots can halve the accident risk, saving the cost. Electric shock, accidental contact with electricity will cause electric shock, burns or producing vibration or shock feeling, wear a special conductive shoes boots will be able to prevent this kind of problem. Extreme temperature damage -- in very hot or very cold working environment conditions, the foot can be burned or frostbite. So also with special shoe to wear. 3, protective shoe requirements of different types of protective shoe, with a variety of different function, basic requirements are the same, but in order to provide effective protection function and encourage wearing, must meet the following requirements: to achieve or exceed the industry and the demand of national standard, has good protection function; Wear comfortable; The price is cheap. Easy to buy, of course, the appearance style and so on are the main factors affecting the use and popularization, but safety and protective is the primary.
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