Labor insurance shoes to choose the point

by:BEF     2020-12-07
Comfortable shoes everyone know the importance of, let alone a homework labor insurance shoes to wear, to fully protect the safety of staff of the foot, the quality of the labor insurance shoes and comfort is essential, so how to choose the appropriate labor insurance shoes? Introduce you to the following company. Labor insurance shoes to choose main points: 1, first of all, labor insurance shoes of the length and width must be able to guarantee the shoe body tightness and foot can completely suitable for wide; 2, labor insurance shoes of crust material natural and softness to the guarantor when walking stick take. 3, the labor insurance shoes bond can stick without leg, foot loose and not to take off, full of elasticity. 4, have you correct the shock function, absorb sweat, massage, health care functions. 5, labor insurance shoes inside should have adequate ventilation function, the functions of waterproof, heat preservation, environmental protection material. 6, the soles words is very important for labor insurance shoes, choose to use the regional and various degree of different configuration of substrate and anti-slip requirements. For example: good environment USES the relative slip, lightweight substrate, cushioning function. Outdoor site environment by strengthening anti-skid, wear-resistant material end, use under a harsh environment. Subdivided into: white-collar, blue-collar, working, administration industry, light industry, heavy industry, site construction, tourism, service, etc.
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