Labor insurance shoes three production processes

by:BEF     2020-11-26
Different functional types of labor insurance shoes in the process of production will have different production process, the following introduce several common density of labor insurance shoes production process: a, Goodyear craft making shoes, operating within the welt and outer welt in twofold sewing, the vamp and the sole safe form an organic whole, can encounter any impact and torsion. In the shoe bottom and bottoms of a cavity, can be isolated from the moisture, and laid a layer of cork, to ensure maximum permeability in leather shoes. In addition to guarantee full sweat effect, in the soles will naturally the footprints of composition, at the mercy of the customer in the first 15 days, with the foot force, sole head shape, creates a pair with foot type fit & other The ego sole & throughout; Walking, achieve joint comfort. In today's world, the most distinguished top handwork Goodyear shoes and feet in quantity into the final products need 4 ~ 6 months time, need to use more than 300 working procedure to complete. Goodyear welt shoes by hand is to be known as & other; The artware hand caress & throughout; 。 Second, cold sticky adhesive process is also called cold sticky shoes, a adhesive upper, insole and outsole adjacent machining process in all the way. Due to the gap between upper and sole adhesion surface material, the operation type and the properties of adhesive also differences, such as chloroprene adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, SBS adhesive, etc. Due to the adhesive process of short, short production cycle, high production efficiency, low production capital, breed of design and color change quickly, easy to expand reproduction, so in the shoemaking property is most disassembly process operation, accounting for more than 80% of the total footwear products. The process in leather shoes, labor protection shoes, safety shoes products operating in the most. Three, for injection molding process is also called injection molding process, is injecting molten plastic into the outer mold and upper glue as one of the machining process. The outsole material for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and thermoplastic polyurethane, thermoplastic rubber, etc. Its craft is in active feeding, active plasticizing, active measurement, active, active injection mold closing and opening mode, active shape under the condition of complete help bottom adhesive removal, so there is high production efficiency and initiative in the upper hand. In leather shoes, cloth shoes, walking shoes, plastic shoes, safety shoes are useful in production.
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