Labor insurance shoes, the key time reveal hero

by:BEF     2020-11-30
Recently, a construction site in the 500 kg weight hanging about 30 cm from the ground, the steel rope buckle suddenly fall off, lead to the load, on the foot of the 2 homework personnel, one of the workers wear rubber boots in the name of the left foot three toe is comminuted fracture by pressure, however, another due to the operational staff wear labor insurance shoes, straight-tempered toe is not affected by any damage. After the event, & other; Is this pair of labor insurance shoes saved my feet. ” The not so regrets way injured employees. Although a lot of examples to tell us the facts, but some companies of individual employees still insufficient understanding of labor insurance shoes safety protection, in the process of construction work is not willing to wear labor insurance shoes. Some people think that labor insurance shoes style is not beautiful, wear on the foot appear fat not good-looking; Some argue that labor insurance shoes is heavy, on my feet activity is not very convenient. The myth is for their own safety is highly valued. The love of beauty of heart, the person all has. This right, but if do not consider themselves in the construction work safety and blindly to pay attention to wear beautiful, thed loss outweights the gain. Although the appearance of the labor insurance shoes style and portable than civil shoes now, but its function is to protect the safety of the foot civil shoes can't replace. Labor insurance shoes head steel head can resist heavy blow, smashing performance is strong, can reach 1. 5 tons, even with heavy pressure to hit on the shoes, will not endanger the safety of the toes, the front feet and toes won't be hurt. Some labor insurance shoes of antiskid performance is good, even if walking in smooth ground or oil pollution of the environment or job not wrestling. Usually add some labor insurance shoes soles plate, puncture proof ability is strong, can resistance force of 1100 n. Work in some special places of labor insurance shoes also has anti-static, acid alkali corrosion or insulation function. So, when we are in the job for the sake of their own and others' health, must wear labor insurance shoes!
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