Labor insurance shoes ( Safety shoes) Inspection practice the 'three inspection system'

by:BEF     2020-12-02
Give priority to with professional labor insurance shoes inspection personnel, labor insurance shoes quality inspection work. ( A) Large-scale industrial production of each procedure, each part is impossible to rely on professional inspectors to test. Besides, from the cutting, sewing, lock, pin, hot, package and so on various working procedure quality is good or bad, in the final analysis depends on the operating level and workers thought condition, inspection is only an auxiliary production process, can not directly determines the quality of labor insurance shoes. As a result, the quality inspection work in addition to want to have a professional inspection team, it is more important and widely launch production operators join, implement operating workers & other Self-checking & throughout; 、“ The absolute & throughout; And inspection personnel & other; ZhuanJian & throughout; The combination of & other; Three inspection system & throughout; 。 “ Self-checking & throughout; Is operating workers to their processing of labor insurance shoes or completed work self-examination, namely & other Self control & rsquo; 。 “ The absolute & throughout; Is operation of processing between workers labor insurance shoes to check each other. The absolute form is varied, such as the production team of quality inspectors to this group of labor insurance shoes spot check of the operator's processing, next working procedure on the procedure of check, with the mutual check between process and so on. “ ZhuanJian & throughout; Is professional quality inspector to conduct a comprehensive inspection of labor insurance shoes quality. ( 2) For & other; Three inspection system & throughout; First of all, reasonable ZhuanJian, self-inspection, mutual inspection. In general, raw materials, Leather) Warehouse, goods circulation, labor insurance shoes finished products inspection should be given priority to with production workers self-inspection, mutual inspection. In the case of workers self-inspection, mutual inspection, supplemented by full-time staff of sampling circuit and comprehensive inspection. Secondly, when workers self-inspection, mutual inspection, general to solve the following questions: 1, the post responsibility system for production workers are clearly defined. 2, provide the necessary condition and means, such as inspection standard and inspection tools. 3, a sound system of original record. 4, improve the quality of workers care about their work enthusiasm.
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