Labor insurance shoes, safety shoes in addition to the protection of other features

by:BEF     2020-12-04
Labor insurance shoes in addition to the basic foot protection function, but also has some other characteristics, in order to help people better understand and use labor protection shoes, then we'll take you specific look at labor insurance shoes in addition to the protection of other features: 1, the end of the internal support in various business environment if workers need mobile garment, so requires labor insurance shoes is very solid. Some manufacturers in the production of labor insurance shoes to use when forming in the bottom, make appropriate to trample foot inside shoes, in addition, the fiber can also provide support along the shoes for a week. 2, the conventional impact cushioning work special pressure, generally equivalent to several times their own weight, so good cushioning performance is a must. Good labor insurance shoes in the bottom is made from molded EVA or pu, help to spread the impact. 3, replaceable insoles insoles also have certain shock performance, at the same time the most easily broken. In the life of the shoe to replace insoles, half of the time there is a basic change principle: aerobic exercise after 150 hours, insoles will lose elasticity, then should replace the insoles. 4, elasticity of labor insurance shoes is determined by the feet the feeling of movement. Only in the heel pad fiberboard than using integral fibre board design of labor insurance shoes has better flexibility, low to help work shoes can also improve flexibility. Above is labor insurance shoes in addition to the protection of other features, the types of labor insurance shoes have a lot of, common are smashed, puncture proof, oil proof, insulation, anti-static, prevent slippery, high temperature resistant, resistant to acid and alkali, etc. , if you want to purchase Chinese shoes, you can contact us.
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