Labor insurance shoes purchasing need to pay attention to material and using the environment

by:BEF     2020-12-04
A pair of labor insurance shoes from appearance can't see the gap with other labor insurance shoes, but starting from the details of labor insurance shoes, are able to distinguish between a thing or two, the use of labor insurance shoes environment for labor insurance shoes material choice, also has certain influence, what environment in the appropriate labor insurance shoes how much will be reflected on the details, let's learn about the labor insurance shoes details below: 1, shoe type: referred to as 'model, namely the shoes length and width, the width of a shoe body tight and foot just degrees degrees? 2, the instep: leather softness can be natural, break while walking. 3, shoes bond: whole shoe nations can put foot without leg, loose and not to take off, full of elasticity. 4, the cushion: have you correct the cushioning, absorb sweat, massage, health care functions. 5, inside: have you correct choose breathable, waterproof, heat preservation, environmental protection material. 6, soles: selection for regional, and various kinds of environments using different level configuration substrate and anti-slip requirements, such as good environment USES the relative slip, lightweight substrate, the outstanding features of vibration. Outdoor site environment by strengthening anti-skid, wear-resistant material end, use under a harsh environment. From the professional and subdivided into: white-collar, blue-collar, working, administration industry, light industry, heavy industry, site construction, tourism, service, etc. Different material for labor insurance shoes wear will have influence, so we have been repeatedly everyone labor insurance shoes when the choose and buy, be sure to according to your own work environment to choose and buy, and these are reflected in different labor insurance shoes itself on small details.
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