Labor insurance shoes production 5 elements

by:BEF     2020-11-28
1 labor insurance last head labor insurance last design can say is the key of the labor insurance shoes, labor insurance shoes whether good wear largely depends on the shoe last. The size of the shoe last is accurate to determine whether the labor insurance shoes wear comfortable, a good pair of shoe tree not only should have elaborate design, try to use more confirmed here repeatedly try on shoes. 2 labor insurance shoes structure besides the vamp structure, if a designer is not very clear the physical size of feet, such as toe wai, scarf, bag, the location of the ankle, standard size, won't have good ideas and thinking, such as no understanding of the process, the design of the structure is not very reasonable, and will seriously affect the labor insurance shoes wearing comfort and service life, on the use of materials and color collocation can also seriously affect the service life of the Chinese shoes and market competitiveness. 3 labor insurance shoes say what, has the shoes design experience knows that ground pattern design is the most particular about the accuracy of the size. In the design of basic sample some parts even if the error is 0. Level 2 mm, after put the error will cause the production difficulties, or not at all, said another aspect to the sole materials, labor insurance shoes is the most serious part of soles, its also have a variety of materials, use of improper will seriously affect the service life of labor insurance shoes and comfort. 4 labor insurance shoes making process design perfect labor insurance shoes, if not converted into finished goods shoes, the result is equal to zero, so the production process must take into account the actual situation of production, to ensure smooth production, not suffer from the serious technical barriers, and produce less common labor insurance shoes design quality problem. 5 labor insurance shoes functional test labor insurance shoes production is based on certain functions as the prerequisite, from design, to try to do production, all finished product labor insurance shoes must have security protection function, if the function is not up to standard, that is a pair of ordinary shoes. So the function of labor insurance shoes test is very important, must be conducted for the production of labor insurance shoes strict test, test qualified products can only be safe shipment.
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