Labor insurance shoes odor-proof spats is that true

by:BEF     2020-12-02
The foot is the second heart of man! TCM holds that the foot is the root of people, six of the twelve meridians of the human body is in the foot, the meridians are running, contact zang-fu organs, communication list, through up and down the path. There are as many as 33 points on the foot, 1/10 of the whole body acupuncture points, he is like assembly line of authority, in order to maintain a smooth qi and blood contact, coordination of the zang-fu organs and body tissues and organs, regulate life activity has a pivotal role. So it is important to protect our valuable feet, don't let it be smelly and dirty and bacteria. But often a lot of people have beriberi itch feet smelly feet, it is what reason? By experts analyze smelly feet have so three factors: first is damp, foot sweat parts of the body, after shoes wet for bug infested. Followed by hot space, the shoes don't breathe freely, make feet on the surface of the skin pH value changes, from 4. About 4 to 7, suitable for the growth of bacteria. The third reason is the most fundamental, is the bacteria breeding, short coli, staphylococcus aureus and other bacteria metabolism, decomposition product has a bad smell. So smelly foot fungus feet itch is simply because the shoes have actually led to the growth of bacteria breeding, many people choose to buy medicine, but it's only a short to resolve the problem, it didn't take long and smelly feet beriberi itchy feet. Usually, people will be concerned about the health socks, and often clean, exposure of socks. But different shoes and socks, the more the more high-grade shoes not clean, insolate, so shoes once wearing, will lead to all sorts of bacteria, including beriberi, athlete's foot and other bacterial infections, which in turn become the medium of the spread of germs. At the same time, the man's feet sweat can make the shoes in the damp and hot state, which in turn provides the survival, reproduction of fungi with the appropriate environment. It can be said that the shoes is a corner of all your health, so people can easily develop beriberi, athlete's foot and other kinds of foot disease. Therefore, experts suggest that we should prepare a few more pairs of shoes, especially for the workers who worked hard, more should prepare a few more labor insurance shoes, wear two days in a pair of shoes, take off the shoes to be in the open air, natural drying.
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