Labor insurance shoes need to meet the basic quality standards

by:BEF     2020-12-08
Labor insurance shoes generally refers to work in different occasions to use, have to protect your feet and legs from the foreseeable harm. Labor insurance shoes are able to play a protective role, mainly manufacturers in the design and production, using the particular structure and unique production process, and makes the labor insurance shoes is different from the ordinary shoes, prevent employees from serious injuries caused by accidents at work. Today we bring you know about the basic labor insurance shoes need to meet quality standards: 1, the labor insurance shoes length, width, wide tightness shoe body are consistent with the foot; 2, leather softness, ensure employees walk of natural and comfortable; 3, upper to stick a foot but can't leg, to loose but not easy to fall off, full of elasticity; 4, labor insurance shoes pad to slow vibration function, absorb sweat, massage, health care function structure; 5, inside have the functions of breathable, waterproof, heat preservation, environmental protection material; 6, the soles soles materials according to use environment configuration corresponding function.
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