Labor insurance shoes need to be aware of the choose and buy minefield

by:BEF     2020-12-04
Labor insurance shoes is a kind of safe protection against the foot of shoes, our country is usually carried out according to the protective performance of shoes to the classification of Labour protection shoes, mainly has anti-static shoes and conductive shoes, rubber shoes, shoes, puncture proof safety shoes special shoes, resistance to acid and alkali shoes, waterproof shoes, etc. So versatile shoes that need to pay attention to when buy what? A look at the soles, and now there are two kinds of labor insurance shoes, one is the rubber soles, 2 it is pu compound injection outsole, and basically is to see the two soles slippery wear-resisting performance is good. 2 see your choice according to your work environment decision to purchase the labor insurance shoes, such as puncture of the shoes, you may have a look when buy puncture proof shoes inspection report, see the bear ability to Pierce to sharp is much; Such as throwing shoes, you can put the shoes fixed under the car down the top of the shoe, the deformation? Some methods and so on. Three is to look at the material, the present labor insurance shoes are made of pig skin leather made of genuine leather, such as test method and normal to buy shoes, inside as well as needs to be checked. Four is the most important thing, look at when buying a product certificate and product specifications? And ask whether standard? Although these seemingly unimportant, but also is a kind of rapid inspection of product quality directly. Labor insurance shoes on their feet is the safety of workers, to choose what kind of labor insurance shoes will decide how much to its protective performance, we can not be sloppy when the choose and buy, make product procurement of small details is also important part of security protection.
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