Labor insurance shoes mold processing method

by:BEF     2020-12-15
Labor insurance shoes for a long time not to wear or stored in damp places, it is easy to mildew, for labor insurance shoes have occurred mildew, can also wear it again? It has protective function? What should be how to deal with the labor insurance shoes mold. 1: you must first show that labor insurance shoes is leather footwear, used improperly stored, prone to mildew to change, but most of the labor insurance shoes mildew in the cortical surface only, as long as there is no major structural damage, can be simple to handle, continue to use. 2: dip in with soft cloth alcohol to wipe the water solution, and then put in ventilated place dry. In the labor insurance shoes in water scrub, more not in the sun exposure after washing. 3: for labor insurance shoes, after wiping the cortex can be a layer of shoe polish with dry soft cloth to wipe a few times repeatedly, if brightness is new. 4: labor insurance shoes don't put too long, long stored easily aging, lose security protection function, for insulated shoes, anti-static shoes if after simple mould processing, use safety test must be conducted again, pass the test before using. 5: to a temporary don't wear labor insurance shoes, can put some desiccant on the shoe, when stored in prevent mildew.
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