Labor insurance shoes manufacturers how to check the quality of labor insurance shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-03
It is very important to the quality of the labor insurance shoes, because people is directly related to labor insurance shoes body safety. Then say manufacturers how to check the quality of labor insurance shoes. We all know that Chinese shoes variety, but how to choose to meet user needs protection function of labor insurance shoes, actually can determine from the appearance and internal work a pair of labor insurance shoes quality. First of all, should choose labor insurance shoes, combining with work environment to meet the most basic protective function, in order to ensure the protection test standard, can let labor insurance shoes manufacturers to provide test report. Secondly, from the appearance of the labor insurance shoes on quality control, labor insurance shoes manufacturer specific can check from the following aspects: 1, the instep: to constitute a part of Chinese shoes vamp, depends on whether its soft and plump, luster evenly. For suede labor insurance shoes face to its fur is short and well-balanced, color match. 2, shoes: it is mainly reinforcing labor insurance shoes, prevent upper deformation, improve the foot feels comfortable, shoe materials generally to good permeability, good wicking, not easy to rub off, etc. Especially in the sewing process, the shoe can't have wrinkles. 3, soles: labor insurance shoes soles, bottom should level off, the outsole must be close bonding. 4, insoles, insoles materials to permeability is good, good resilience, in this way can effectively relieve the pressure on users walk weight on your feet. 5, stationarity: confirm the stability of the labor insurance shoes can put labor insurance shoes on the plane, labor insurance shoes outsole with ground contact points should be in the middle, shoes cannot appear before and after shaking, toe should be proper become warped head.
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