Labor insurance shoes manufacturer should attach importance to the establishment of brand image and improve Chinese shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-29
China is the world's major producer of shoes, and large shoe consumer. According to the Swiss bank's new estimates that China's footwear will be more than 3 billion pairs, the total consumption on the basis of the 2. 3 billion double growth above 30%, enormous room for growth. However, domestic footwear enterprise but there are many problems in its development, such as brand positioning, product homogeneity between serious, lack of features, price only weapons, most of the brand marketing level is low, even for the understanding of the brand value is not enough, only know on the price. Experts believe that with the improvement of living standards, the Chinese people's consumption idea not only satisfy the practical value of goods, but also pay more and more attention to the brand value of goods. In China, brand consumption time has come. How to promote domestic footwear brand competitiveness, has become quite a long time in the future worth a footwear enterprise thinking of problem. Statistics by the United Nations industrial development organization (unido), China's shoes production accounted for 63% of the world. In the past, China's wife in the enterprise basically lower cost, development environment is good. But as the price of raw materials, labor costs rise, the appreciation of the renminbi, the turbulence in shoemaking industry. Obviously appeared polarization in the trade, the big brand shoe companies rely on their own channels, resource advantage, with a large number of investment and the formation of a strong brand support, enjoying the excess brand premium profits, and some little shoes in the enterprise's survival is not optimistic. Some good resources configuration, pay attention to innovation, pay attention to the enterprise brand management is becoming more and more strong, whole presents the strong stronger and the weak weaker. For now, 20% of the brand accounted for 80% of the market, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprise brand because do not have huge money and manpower to expand marketing channels, is of vital importance to the critical point, rely on the traditional sales model is unsustainable. Safety shoes, labor insurance shoes market face the same problem, a large number of labor insurance shoes brands have appeared in recent years, the enterprise competition has intensified. But are now in the stage of OEM, product homogeneity phenomenon is quite serious, how to stand out? The brand can break earlier, then it will be the main labor insurance shoes market. So labor insurance shoes manufacturer must attach importance to the improvement of brand image, from now on can only be in an impregnable position in the future!
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