Labor insurance shoes maintenance guidelines and defect inspection method

by:BEF     2020-12-06
Homework personnel lack of labor insurance shoes ( Boots) The consciousness of maintenance, do not take the shoes ( Boots) Storage, cleaning and maintenance work, is a labor insurance shoes ( Boots) Shorten the service life, safety performance by one of the main reasons. A, labor insurance shoes ( Boots) The maintenance requirements of practitioners should be in accordance with the labor insurance shoes ( Boots) Operating instructions about the content and requirements of implementation of regular inspection, storage and maintenance; The shoes Boots) After use, should be placed in dry and ventilated place, should not be close to the heat source, to avoid the shoes Boots) Too dry and lead to crack; Unit of choose and employ persons should ensure that the necessary repairs, equipped with maintenance tools, tips to repair the defects in the product manual, should be timely repair. Second, labor insurance shoes appearance defect inspection method to deal with before use labor insurance shoes ( Boots) The appearance inspection, if appear the following described the characteristics of the shoes ( Boots) Should be sentenced to waste: ( 1) The vamp appear crack, crack depth and half the thickness of the vamp; ( 2) The vamp severe wear, baotou, the leakage; ( 3) For surface deformation, burning, melting or foaming, or leg part of the crack, ( 4) Labor insurance shoes ( Boots) Bottom crack length is more than 10 mm, depth is more than 3 mm; ( 5) Help the bottom junction of crack length is greater than 15 mm and depth greater than 5 mm, labor insurance shoes ( Boots) A penetrating; ( 6) Non-slip shoes ( Boots) Non-slip pattern height less than 1. 5毫米; ( 7) Labor insurance shoes ( Boots) Insole, lining deformation and breakage obviously; ( 8) Labor insurance shoes ( Boots) Damage of lining and baotou edge, can cause harm.
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