Labor insurance shoes, how should choose? Labor insurance shoes feet long and feet around what quantity?

by:BEF     2020-11-30
Labor insurance shoes is a kind of safe protection against the foot of shoes. Its types are many, such as protection of digit, puncture proof, insulation, acid and alkali resistant, etc. The selection of labor insurance shoes should be according to the nature of the dangers of working environment and damage degree. Below small make up to introduce the labor insurance shoes, how should choose? Labor insurance shoes feet long and feet around what quantity? See together! First, labor insurance shoes feet long and feet what quantity? 1, measure your feet long and feet circumference: prepare a piece of white paper and a pen, lighter tread barefoot on the blank sheet of paper, draw the foot type about mark. 2, draw line, vertical or proper tilt 15 degrees or so, with his foot, but not oppression. 3, feet long measurement: toe end by the ruler's most prominent place the heel of the distance between the most prominent place. 4, feet circumference measurement: in feet wide at its widest point respectively each point on a bit; Record the distance of two points. 5, basic symmetric foot, is not completely equal, when measuring the persons to be the biggest of the foot. 6, afternoon measuring feet long feet wide, the feet slightly larger. 7, amount of feet long feet wide feet even when standing on the ground, weight divided on both feet. 8, if foot type is wide, suggest to buy most of the number of labor insurance shoes. Secondly, choosing labor insurance shoes must pay attention to the following items: 1, the labor insurance shoes heel do not loose just coincide with the heel is not tight, shoes fore keep 5 & ndash; 10 mm, pointed can leave 20 & ndash; 25mm。 2, labor insurance shoes shoes flank and anastomosed with the foot arch waist help must be close to the foot. 3, labor insurance shoes the focus of the center of gravity should be consistent with the feet, the soles basic uniform compression. 4, if labor insurance shoes code number is not appropriate, would rather choose a big yards labor insurance shoes. Labor insurance shoes is different from general leather shoes, due to the particularity of its structure, already can feel a bit heavy, when wear if labor insurance shoes code number don't is very well, so wear labor insurance shoes will feel very uncomfortable, even by grinding the feet. Select the right pair of labor insurance shoes, is very important!
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