Labor insurance shoes five reasons for price differences

by:BEF     2020-12-13
As national production safety rules and regulations of requirements and attaches great importance to production enterprises, labor insurance shoes has become the necessary labor protection product factory, construction site, the role of labor insurance shoes also increasingly reflected, for this reason, every year, many large and medium-sized enterprises need to purchase labor insurance shoes, ensure the safety of the employees. But labor insurance shoes on the market price difference is very big, the procurement of all companies care and labor insurance shoes price and quality. Labor insurance shoes price may be a lot of people purchase terms of reference. How then, labor insurance shoes on the market price? Enterprise should choose what kind of price of labor insurance shoes? Now on the market price of labor insurance shoes generally have four levels: a price is 40 - 70-60, one kind is 100, one is 110 - 190, there are more than 200. The reasons for the low price of Chinese shoes: 1. Material is poor, material is embossed on the second floor skin leather, prevent fall steel head may steel-toed, for polyurethane materials might have been, insole thickness is very thin, etc. 2. Long time inventory, outdated, the old model, labor insurance shoes 3 break code. Protection function is relatively single 4. Simple design, ruggedly 5. Defect in the quality of labor insurance shoes, that is something a little quality defect, but does not affect use function. The main reason for the labor insurance shoes price is higher: 1. Good materials, imported leather, head skin, really hit a steel head, polyurethane outsole with makings is more, insoles thicker, buffer, shock absorption, sweat absorption function. 2. Make to order, the new 3. A variety of protection function is an organic whole to 4. Do manual work is careful, good quality 5. Import labor insurance shoes ( Very few, most of the export of labor insurance shoes) Is the so-called: a penny, a minute goods. Different price is not that the businessman deliberately adjust the price, but different labor insurance shoes, different designs, different materials, different quality. We should according to the actual situation of enterprises to choose the appropriate labor insurance shoes, must not only look at the price, and ignore the importance of quality.
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