Labor insurance shoes deodorization methods

by:BEF     2020-12-05
Labor insurance shoes is to protect the safety of users of foot protective equipment, has the functions including on prevention, prevent slippery, puncture proof, and so on, under normal circumstances, the labor insurance shoes are thick, poor permeability, so easy to cause the problem such as feet stink after long-term wear, plagued by many friends. So how to labor insurance shoes deodorant? Dip in with cotton, cloth with a little alcohol, alcohol wipes labor insurance shoes inside, or stuffed the alcohol cotton ball directly to the labor insurance shoes inside, waiting for the alcohol evaporate. Mix proportion of water and white vinegar, white vinegar in a small spray bottle inside, and then take a spray bottle to the labor insurance shoes inside gush. Then put the labor insurance shoes in a dry ventilated place dry. Dry tea tea wrapped in gauze or paper towels, made a simple tea bag, on the shoes. Note: tea, paper towel and shoes should keep dry state, in order to avoid deterioration of tea, mildew. Citrus peel put grapefruit, lemon, orange peel, etc in the labor insurance shoes in a night, the second day. Usually we buy some snacks such as products, will put the desiccant inside, this also can be in the labor insurance shoes for deodorization. In addition, can also be a cloth bag some charcoal, quick lime, and baking soda into the shoes used to deodorize. Small remind: labor insurance shoes should keep dry state, when stored in ventilated location. Don't wear at ordinary times, can put labor insurance shoes outside in the sun, but time not too long, avoid exposure. Choose a pair of breathable comfortable labor insurance shoes can better solve the problem of shoes stuffy feet! Buy the labor insurance shoes to choose!
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