Labor insurance shoes care do you understand

by:BEF     2020-11-28
The dyeing of labor insurance shoes inside, in case of water, because be affected with damp be affected with damp and friction rub off, belong to the normal phenomenon. When wearing, proposal with dark socks. Labor insurance shoes be affected with damp be affected with damp or feet sweat too much, it's easy to have a generic efflorescence phenomenon. So keep labor insurance shoes dry, foot sweat too much need to pay for two insoles used as a replacement. Appears as extensive efflorescence phenomenon, can with gauze, cotton with a small amount of water wet wipes, shoe polish in ventilated place after them, after repeated several times to solve the problem. Should replace wear labor insurance shoes, for labor insurance shoes to dry in the shade, in case of khan gas bacterium. Often replaced, also can prevent the leather face deformation, in order to prolong service life. Some labor insurance shoes use of international popular environmental protection sole PU, PU quality light wear resistance. But if you don't often wear has the possibility of automatic decomposition, especially in parts of the damp climate, unfavorable and collection for a long time not to wear, so please wear at least one or two times a week, increase the molecular structure of endurance. Collection, please placed in a cool, dry place. Collection of labor insurance shoes before, need to put the labor insurance shoes in natural dry in the shade, after your cream or shoe polish to collect. Please don't put the labor insurance shoes in the sun insolates, more can't put on the heater baking, otherwise will lead to deformation of the labor insurance shoes and leather brittle fracture. 一个。 Shall be furnished in the labor insurance shoes should not be wearing for a long time continuously, more than two pairs of shoes wear alternately, let labor insurance shoes have buffer & other; Rest & throughout; The chance to prolong life. b。 Labor insurance shoes should be stored in ventilated, dry place, avoid sunlight, high temperature or humidity. c。 Try to avoid wearing on a rainy day or a bad road conditions, in case of variant or scratched by hard objects. d。 True labor insurance shoes after wearing a period of time, such as found that the soles wear, should stick wear-resisting rubber in order to extend the life of the labor insurance shoes. e. Cannot use liquid shoe polish nursing labor insurance shoes, tire cowhide wax transparent shoes are available, and only in case the absorbed pigment uneven phenomenon. f。 Sanded skin, Jing skin should avoid to touch water, care when available rubber brush and so on special care products, avoid by all means use shoe polish shoes wax.
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