How to win labor insurance shoes industry in the era of big data

by:BEF     2020-11-29
Labor insurance shoes now in the Internet era of big data market, enterprises should how to successfully transition, to win the market, meet the demand of consumers, this is a topic that is worth thinking about. Under the condition of buyer's market, marketing concept destined to consumers as the center, to meet consumer demand as the starting point. But, in different historical stages, the demands of consumers, especially the core requirements, often is not the same, therefore, the connotation of the marketing concept should be changed. Nowadays, domestic consumers are already completed by & other; Products throughout the buyer &; To & other; To meet demand throughout the &; Historical transformation, to the era of big data, consumer and by & other; To meet demand throughout the &; To & other; Value creators & throughout; Shift, construct a new marketing concept, nature should take this shift as the basic starting point. Traditional marketing management of economics theory basis of the theory of the manufacturers, namely enterprise profit maximization, the actual decision-making process is market research & ndash; — Marketing & ndash; — Strategy & ndash; — Marketing strategy & ndash; — Reverse marketing control such a one-way chain; Not to integrate the customer into the whole process of marketing decision, it is the manufacturer's profit above satisfy consumers. For safety shoes industry, consumers in the traditional economic system, only to buy the products of the safety shoes manufacturer, to realize the demand to meet, although this product is a safety shoes manufacturers developed after the market survey, but not for every consumer the personalized needs of design, thus consumers of this kind of meet, meet is a kind of constraint conditions. In the era of big data, the consumer gain the initiative in selection. They can in a very short time, at low cost, and any enterprise in the network space of two-way communication and comprehensive information. This is for traditional economic system involved. The consumer isn't in safety shoes manufacturer to make trade-offs in the production of products and services, just contact, on the other hand, safety shoes manufacturer should produce what products, is based on consumer choice. Consumers have enough conveniences, bring them to life, the cognition of the world, the mood and the emotion experience, as well as the moral ideas and value orientation, into the choice of products, purchasing behavior and consumption patterns. In the virtual world, consumers are not buying products, or even just pure seek to meet the demand. In an age of allowed to fully show ego, consumers have to buy as a reflect their own values and realize the important way of value pursuit. So in the face of the era of big data & other; The value of pursuers & throughout; , to meet the requirements of general sense, has not fundamentally solve the problem. Only based on customer value, this center to help them achieve its value pursuit, safety shoes manufacturer can effectively meet the needs of different customers, finally obtaining the development of the enterprise itself.
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