How to visually judge labor insurance shoes?

by:BEF     2020-11-27
There are many different kinds of labor insurance shoes, also each has different function, how to determine the quality of labor insurance shoes can really satisfy their needs protection of choose and buy of labor insurance shoes, we need to check from appearance and internal function. First, the function must meet the requirements of the most basic protection, the need to combine work environment facing to choose, to labor insurance shoes manufacturer or distributor for inspection report, to ensure the protection test standard. Secondly, it is from labor insurance shoes appearance on quality control. ( 1) Vamp: shoe is one of the first part Chinese shoes. For smooth labor insurance shoes, to see whether its soft and plump, by hand press vamp, float whether loose phenomenon, good shoes should be plump and soft, feel is quiet, luster symmetry. For suede labor insurance shoes vamp, should notice whether raided the villi short and well-balanced, its are tonal also should be consistent. ( 2) Shoe is part of the upper son, it is for reinforcing the instep, prevent upper son extension deformation and improve the foot feels and application. So, good shoe material should have good tactility, permeability and platoon is wet, and decoloring. There should be no wrinkles on sewing, shoes. ( 3) Insoles, insoles should possess good permeability and resilience, in the process of walking, to relieve the pressure on body weight on your feet. ( 4) Outsole: viewed from the outside, should closely surrounding the outsole bonding and bottom surface is flat and level. ( 5) Stability: put the labor insurance shoes on the plane, labor insurance shoes should render motionless, not shake, before and after such labor insurance shoes is good stability, which is one of the basic conditions of labor insurance shoes with high quality. ( 6) Side: put the labor insurance shoes on the plane, labor insurance shoes outsole with ground contact points should be in the middle, toe should be proper become warped head. ( 7) Positive: foot fabrics without significant flaws, breakage, left and right sides is symmetrical components. ( 8) Raid: behind the heel should be honest, after stitches should be upright. ( 9) About shoes: around carefully compare the length of the shoes, is concave and convex and shape) No consistent or symmetry and also look at the light, colour and lustre is consistent.
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