How to solve the problem of labor insurance shoes does easy to glue?

by:BEF     2020-11-25
Why does easy to glue safety shoes? How does use can reduce the glue of may? Safety shoes are the two main parts the vamp and the soles, the vamp and bottom to shoes, must be treated by glue, and then through the PU perfusion, cold sticky, suture methods such as combination together. So, does have glue the main reason for the selection of raw materials, as the use of glue, processing technology and other factors. Shoes to buy after a period of time, because of twists and turns, does it's easy to have a local small glue, safety shoes also have the same phenomenon. How to avoid the safety shoes does large glue, prolong the service life of the safety shoes, safety shoes from the two aspects of production process and the use of consumer to analysis. Does a, safety shoes, glue production process reasons: 1, the instep misconduct: treating agent and the improper use of glue, the cortex different through test agents and glue, adhesive tensile qualified before use. Shoe polishing does not reach the designated position, not completely destroy the cortical surface; At the end of 2, improper handling: treating agent treatment and glue does not reach the designated position, bottom grinding does not reach the designated position; 3, treatment, and improper use of glue: not completely drying, glue, curing agent, using too much glue; 4, pressure: if it is cold viscosity forming, surface bottom joint, must ensure enough pressure and pressure time. Does 2, safety shoes, glue the personal use of reasons: 1, without the proper maintenance; 2, do not contact the rain for a long time, do not for a long time covered the water cleaning; 3, labor insurance shoes does easy to glue glue is heated, not in the sun exposure or are in contact with heat source; 4, it is not easy for a long time exposure to chemicals ( Unless special production of acid and alkali resistant safety shoes) ; 5, new labor insurance shoes cannot put a long time to use. Three, if it does safety shoes glue phenomenon from the production process strictly controlled, basically eliminate does occur in glue in the latter part of this problem, of course it is not absolute, safety shoes use still need to pay attention to the following five points: 1, don't wear the same pair of safety shoes for a long time, the best two pairs of change in the way, can effectively decrease The Times of the same pair of labor insurance shoes short-term twists and turns and high frequency does lead to glue to prevent the twists and turns. 2, on a regular basis safety shoes and maintenance, cleaning, preview, keep the leather soft and moist. 3, pay attention to the cleaning method, cannot long soaking time, soaking time shall not exceed 2 hours. 4, after cleaning the safety shoes absolutely not quick drying, stay away from fire, avoid by all means use heat or open flame drying, easy to cause safety shoes does aging and glue. 5, such as long time not to wear, should be safety shoes clean down first, deposit placed in the shade, avoid release mildew. Shoes had better use filler hold up, avoid deformation.
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