How to remove the peculiar smell of the safety shoes?

by:BEF     2020-11-27
After a lot of people reflect, safety shoes wear can have peculiar smell, even with socks and foot would send out a bad smell. How to solve? Here will tell you some remove safety shoes smell right tips: 1, use cotton with some alcohol into the safety shoes, so that after a night after the alcohol evaporate, smell can be removed, you can wear it again the next day. 2, with a slightly hard paper, wrap the camphor ball, the camphor ball, grinding the powder evenly spread within the safety shoes, insoles is put on it, a pair of shoes just about a camphor ball. Inside the shoes can keep dry, shoes can be removed. ( Principle: camphor ball has good bacteriostasis, kills for wet and breeding of bacteria) 3, every night before bed in the quick lime powder into a small bag, in the safety shoes in moisture absorption. Lime bag can also kill bacteria within safety shoes, can play a remove shoes smelly function, can use repeatedly. 4, a little bit more simple, the method of coupling and sprinkle some salt in the safety shoes, can absorb sweat and deodorant. ( But some cleaning up a little trouble) 5, can arrive on the market to buy some similar deodorant spray, spray spray inside the shoe, every time can alleviate smelly shoes. 6, alum have deodorization effect, can be sprinkled some alum powder into the shoes. ( General pharmacy have alum sell) 7, if your shoes don't usually wear when in the shoe ark, can put a piece of soap in the shoe ark, to achieve the effect of deodorization. 8, with glass stockings package some dry tea, into the safety shoes inside. Have the function of the cleaning, disinfection and volatile odor, but also can get smelly air. Socks is easy to have bad smell, so be sure to frequently change socks, put a little white vinegar soak for a while, when they are washed with sterilization deodorization effect. Advice, of course, the key is when the choose and buy can choose breathable material safety shoes and frequently wash feet, in the shoes on ventilation, ventilation, keep a safe dry shoes. Don't believe what's long-term deodorant products on the market at present, who is a fool.
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