How to realize the EVA sole non-slip soles

by:BEF     2020-11-23

soles factory of EVA shoes made of EVA polymer chemicals Chinese name: ethylene - Vinyl acetate copolymer, chemical English name: ethylene - Vinyl acetate copo, EVA. EVA capacity and high resistance to tension, high toughness, good shockproof/cushioning performance, heat insulation, thermal insulation cold and low temperature performance, resistant to cold and exposure.

shoes material is EVA resin, the main application field in China. The EVA resin used for shoes, the content of vinyl acetate is usually 15%? 22%. EVA resin mix foaming products together, with a soft, good elasticity, chemical corrosion resistance and other properties, thus is widely used in high-grade shoes, hiking shoes, slippers, sandals, soles and indoor material.

EVA soles are often used to jog, walk, casual shoes, training shoes in the bottom. Monolithic sole is one of the more common is a EVA foam molding soles, this kind of sole cost, poor and prevent slippery degree, soles touchs the water like a put on roller skates. Not wear-resisting, if course quality in general, the bottoms of the life is very short. REEBOK's a 3 d soles is the EVA foam molding soles good 'face'.

sole plant all kinds of sole performance contrast: TPR than major, is relatively heavy, elastic, wear-resisting degree of general. Rubber soles proportion is bigger also, but very soft, very wear-resisting, stresses the soil fertility is strong, but flexible, general use on the indoor soccer shoes and casual shoes. EVA bottom is light, elastic, just wear long elastic decreases, and become the steadfast point. PU, MD, elastic deformation, and over a long when motion is more flexible and comfortable, the proportion of small, very light, so is used more widely, PU is better than MD density bigger shock absorption effect, but also relatively heavy) , general big plate with a rubber, wear-resisting non-slip.

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