How to properly care of labor insurance shoes get wet?

by:BEF     2020-12-09
Maintenance of Chinese shoes to start from the usual. Most leather labor insurance shoes have certain waterproof function, but if the rainy day wear, or first coated with shoe polish, waterproof and spray mist. Shoe polish is not the more the better, excessive shoe polish to leather absorption, not only will backfire, again will labor insurance shoes wet. Labor insurance shoes get wet by rain, and for proper disposal, can make the shoes not deformation and moldy. General labor insurance shoes is soaked with rain, if where, after a long time not to wear, it is easy to mold, labor insurance shoes manufacturer if want shoes didn't mildewy, Suggestions for wet labor insurance shoes after a few maintenance steps: 1, taking advantage of absorbent cloth first absorb moisture on the surface of the shoes. Don't be too hard to wipe, the adhesion of dirt will scratch the skin with shoes, should pay special attention to. 2, labor insurance shoes in a newspaper or toilet paper, add replacement, in order to completely blot moisture. 3 and a half, if to the extent of the dry, should be put into the shoe tree to prevent deformation, in ventilated place order again. 4, after completely dry, in accordance with the general maintenance method and maintenance.
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