How to make the safety shoes last longer?

by:BEF     2020-12-10
A pair of safety shoes, if the service life of the maintenance of good have have 1 ~ 2 years, if maintenance is not good, maybe a few months to submit an expense account. So how do we make safety shoes last longer? 1, new safety shoes as experienced by the factory to sell this long process, when it just under the line maintenance has consumed almost, so after buying new leather safety shoes should not be immediately put on, should be thin layer of shoe polish, placed in 1 days later. 2, don't wear the same pair of safety shoes for 3 days, because safety shoes also need to breath, rest, to have a longer life, it is better to change to wear safety shoes. 3, safety shoes are maintenance once a week. 4, receive to make safety shoes clean before safety shoes, the best in the open air to dry 1-2 days, so it is not easy to mildew, aging. After the shoe polish for safety shoes, don't forget to use paper regiment, tucked in the boot to keep boots the best posture.
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