How to maintain is not easy to labor insurance shoes mold?

by:BEF     2020-12-10
The general labor insurance shoes is soaked with rain, if long time not to wear, is there to do the appropriate processing, it is easy to mold, the shoes will be out of shape. Labor insurance shoes mold to do, specific maintenance steps are as follows: 1, loosen the LACES, use little brush to brush the qing from the outside is not easy to see the dirt; 2, shoes along or joint part is concave and convex, use little brush to brush away dirt fine dust; 3, with big shoe brush brush light after the shoes, look at the shoes along the protruding part of the presence of infected with dirt; 4, the most important thing is to first will remain on the shoes of the old shoe polish thoroughly with clean, can squeeze a little after clean the oil on the cloth, covered the whole shoes; 5, take a piece of cloth, with a little shoe polish, and painted the whole shoes, shoe polish about take the size of the little finger; After six, covered the whole shoes, with a clean soft cloth whole shoe polish. Tiny part also cannot careless. 7, the waterproof spray fog, it not only can make the shoes to prevent water invasion, infected with dirt not easily also; After 8, wait until the fog waterproof dry labor insurance shoes last placement.
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