How to improve the slide of EVA shoes material properties and wear resistance

by:BEF     2020-06-27

due to the rubber price fluctuation is too large, the sole domestic enterprises to reduce cost risk, so try to reduce use rubber plate, so that the EVA sole large area exposed, then assuming the role of rubber soles, EVA sole it directly to the ground! Shoe factory guests will demand the physical properties of the EVA sole is closer to the performance of the rubber, so stop slippery performance became a EVA soles will check project!

EVA sole has good abrasion resistance, tear resistance, flexibility, but stop slippery performance is poor, would have to be modified. Similar to the tyres, could not have stop slippery and wear resistance, can only to a certain performance index. Slide request high friction, friction wear requirements, this is the essential reason.

stop slippery wear-resisting EVA soles, the EVA sole materials and foaming agent, bulking agent, foaming agent of mix; EVAEVA sole raw materials ethylene vinyl acetate is EVA, polyolefin elastomer POE, styrene type thermal plastic rubber and EVA/POE polymer composite materials. The ratio of raw material is: ethylene vinyl acetate EVA30 - 40%, polyolefin elastomer POE40 - 50%, styrene type rubber composites 15 - hot plasticity 5-30%, EVA/POE polymers 10%. Stop slippery wear-resisting EVA shoes materials, by adding styrene type thermal plastic rubber composites enhanced colloidal particles of the soft and elastic, and there was a shock effect, EVA/POE polymer enhance its wear resistance.

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