How to identify the stand or fall of a pair of work shoes?

by:BEF     2020-11-25
Identified by the quality of shoes, need from two aspects of appearance and internal indicators on eyes. Due to internal indicators tend to rely on testing instrument, for a consumer, from appearance to identify the quality of the shoes has more practical meaning. From the appearance, mainly through to the shoes material ( Including uppers, soles, shoe) Two aspects of quality and workmanship to identify quality shoes. Size could be measured, the craft is given priority to with visual, touch, knead, push. 1, the instep ( Help) Upper is one of the main components of shoes. For smooth shoes, to see whether its soft and plump, by hand press the vamp, if appear loose surface phenomenon, good shoes should be plump and soft, comfortable, uniform, no loose surface phenomenon. For suede leather shoes vamp, should pay attention to check whether the hair short and even, its are tonal also should be consistent. Shoe is part of the upper, it is for reinforcing the instep, prevent the upper extension deformation and improve the foot feels and use. So, good shoe materials ( Such as real leather shoes) Should have good tactility, permeability and platoon is wet, and decoloring. On the sewing, there should be no wrinkles in the shoe and fat. 2, insoles, usually after the men's shoes with inner bottom half pad or heel pad. Women's shoes with covering all mat insole. Insoles has keep the shoes insole clean, covered insole uneven, in order to improve the effect of the foot feels. Insoles, therefore, should be good, the platoon is wet absorption. On the work, the insole should be flat to stick on the bottom, there can be no dangling fold of the phenomenon. 3, outsole from appearance, combined with the surrounding the outsole must be close bonding state without gap, bottom should be flat and level. 4, heel either low or high heels, the first thing to look whether cooperate with natural flush with the shoes. For more than half a high-heeled women's shoes, is more important to the following two points: one is the heel should be fastened before and after loading up on the floor, and at the same place and swinging should not shake; 2 it is palm side should be no less than the bottom surface of the heel. 5, inner bottom on the one hand, the insole material, is a real leather. By hand, on the other hand, strong on the waist, equivalent to wear shoe instep part, still good. Under the action of this force, such as shoes along mouth there are deformation, that the quality of the shoes have a problem. 6, stability, put the shoes on the plane, shoes should be immediately motionless, such shoes is good stability, which is one of the basic conditions of high quality shoes.
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