How to identify the quality of the labor insurance shoes?

by:BEF     2020-11-24
Labor insurance shoes is to belong to the special labor protection articles, by the state shall practise a system of permits and safety sign management system, to provide people working safety of labor insurance supplies, related to the operation of individual, group life. Choose suitable for high quality of the labor insurance shoes, broad worker's life safety is the responsibility of each security responsibility. So, how can we identify the quality of the labor insurance shoes? First of all, labor insurance shoes must comply with national standards on protective function. 1, prevent hit a labor insurance shoes: using industry standards ( Protect the toes safety shoes LD50-94) , baotou steel has both static pressure resistance and impact resistance, puncture-proof, smashing, resistance to pressure for 10 kn and toe resistance to impact 23 kg impact hammer impact since the 450 mm height of free fall after the top of the shoe, shoes deformation clearance & gt; =15MM。 2, extra labor insurance shoes: extra premium, Ⅰ, Ⅱ etc, its wear resistance were & ge; 110 n, 780 n, 490 n, should be selected according to different work environment corresponding level puncture proof shoes. Resistance 3, anti-static labor insurance shoes: demands should be between 100 to 100 k ohms m ohm. 4, labor insurance shoes: insulation in ac 50 hz, 1000 v and below or dc 1500 v and below power equipment on the job, as the auxiliary and safe appliance and labor protection articles in leather shoes. The main technical parameters: experimental 6 kv voltage, leakage current & le; 1. 8 ma time 1 min no breakdown. 5, oil resistant labor insurance shoes: according to the oil standard tests, increased volume is not greater than 12%. If the volume is not increases, and narrow, the narrow quantity is greater than the original volume of 0. 5% or increase hardness greater than 10 ( Shao Er A) A flexible 40000 crack growth are not more than 7 mm. 6, anti-sliding safety shoes: rubber end of eleusine indica, excellent antiskid performance. 7, heat-resistant labor insurance shoes: soles contact 250 - degree heat, sustainable for 30 minutes. Second, under the premise of labor insurance shoes to meet protection function, also need to satisfy wearing comfortable, look flawless basic quality requirements. 1, the labor insurance shoes bottom combined with strong, does not significantly glue, damage phenomenon. 2, touch labor insurance shoes, there is serious buckling, grinding hand phenomenon, the insole size appropriate, full of elasticity. 3, labor insurance shoes leather color difference or disability. Finger presses face not loose surface, coating layer does not fall off don't craze. 4, labor insurance shoes outsole whether level off, decorative pattern is clear, press gently with nails labor insurance shoes, should be flexible, not too hard, not peeling off. Otherwise, it is labor insurance shoes rubber content is low, too much use of reclaimed rubber filler, easy to fracture, not durable. 5, after the quality check, choose accord with the characteristics of their own foot type labor insurance, labor insurance shoes shoe number, and try it on. Try to compare Chinese shoes comfort, through the line, squatting, kick, stomp feel the comfort of the shoe.
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