How to identify the merits of the component of Chinese shoes?

by:BEF     2020-11-25
Part of the shoes: mainly consists of the vamp, lining ( Lining) Before and after hot bottom, before and after, baotou, in the bottom, Also called 'bottom) And the soles parts. The vamp: materials generally have leather ( 皮革) Or artificial leather, leather materials is uneven, the most good of course belongs to the first layer of leather, soft texture, good scalability, generally fine soft shoes made of sheepskin is preferred. Leather has a lot of kinds, the most is the PU leather, thickness to wire for the unit, typically 80 silk, good can reach 140 silk, suitable for production of single-layer vamp ( Composite lining) Shoes, wearing comfortable, especially South Korea, are generally to do so. In recent years popular PU leather have erased leather, leather, bubble grain, crazy Ma Wen, grain size, napa, the R8 lines, 18 lines and so on many lines. Because there are like crazy cordovan leather grain, and the effect is good, so is very popular now, but the price is very high. Brush glue is one of the most classic leather, has been popular for 10 years, and now there are many kinds of glue, wipe out is different, the effect of dark and light color is, and has a lot to do with the wax, price moderate, but work difficulty is big, generally require specialized brush glue to master brush is good. Now have the simulation cowhide leather, thickness amounting to more than 200 yarn prices high. Lining and iron base: material generally is genuine leather, PU, PVC, etc. , the vamp leather typically match the inner leather, wearing comfortable, good heat dissipation, it is not easy to produce & throughout; Hong Kong feet & other; 。 But the price is more expensive! is an important part of the shoes, PU, TPR, PVC, MD, combination of bottom. PU bottom has the advantage of light weight, texture soft, feel is good. The Middle East and Europe are customers are like the PU sole material, the introduction of Texaco federal injection molding machine, because of the large machine for production, cost reduction, so are also popular. TPR sole weight is moderate, has certain softness, but more complicated than the end of PU production technology, and there is no peculiar smell. PVC soles, the cheapest price, generally is a factory direct injection, but cold sticky soles also useful PVC materials, quality of a material can be regulated through plastic, can be hard to soft, but how many are a little peculiar smell, PVC soles because it is plastic material. Other parts such as bottom just cushion between the soles and the vamp that layer and single material, there is not much said. Baotou divided into cardboard in baotou and baotou steel, in mm, 1 is commonly used in ordinary shoes. 7 mm board was very good. Mainly used in toe and heel, in order to make the shoes look angular, have the effect of reinforcement type shoes ( Labor insurance shoes toe shape steel baotou) 。
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