How to do well the EVA sole?

by:BEF     2020-06-26

sneakers from the middle of the nineteenth century, to the middle of the twentieth century rubber shoes in real leather shoes to the back of the nylon mesh cloth shoes with EVA sole substrate structure way, of course, change of shoes materials development is inseparable from the material, plastic material of continuous innovation, make the development of the material to plastic material.

from the point of the Chinese market, China has about 13 billion pairs of shoes production of each year, accounted for more than half of total production of rubber and plastic shoes, more than two-thirds, along with the development of the shoe is lightweight, because EVA sole quality is light, resilience and tension resistance are good, has a good shockproof, buffer performance, and costs are acceptable and are often used to make shoes more comfortable shoes.

at present, the EVA material is, the sole attaching, insole, and one of the integral of the soles are very common materials, and with PU, PVC, rubber sole occupies a pivotal position in the market.

but EVA sole also has certain disadvantages, such as its skid resistance, abrasion resistance and is not very good, but with many years of experience, for the most part by replacing silica gel to keep the EVA sole do more comfortable, improve the performance of use.

above is about EVA soles, we only do small share, for many years engaged in production and sales of various sole experience, by the customer the consistent high praise, has rich experience in research and development, there are also many through old customers to visit the customer, if you also have this aspect demand, welcome to visit our factory, we will provide good service for you.

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